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GOLD Booklist for Kids

from the American Museum of Natural History


Elementary School

Gold (A True Book)
By Salvatore Tocci
For young readers (grades 1-3), this introduction to gold describes its value and historic and contemporary uses as well as interesting facts.
Children's press/Scholastic, 2005. ISBN 0-516-25570-3

Gold (Rocks, Minerals and Resources series)
by Ron Edwards and James Gladstone
With its special emphasis on gold, this book describes the search for mineral resources and the techniques used to extract them. Ages 9-12.
Crabtree Publishing Company, 2004. ISBN: 0778714454
Rocks and Minerals (True Books: Earth Science) (Paperback)

A Look at Minerals: From Galena to Gold (First Books)
by Jo S. Kittinger
Also for 9-12 year olds, this playfully-designed book contains 5 chapters: Magnificent Minerals, Matchless Metals, Power of Crystals, Earth's Treasure Chest, and Work it Out. Vocabulary words are called out. The appearance, composition, geologic formation and utilization of minerals are detailed.
Franklin Watts, 1999. ISBN: 0531159256

Lost Treasure of the Inca
by Peter Lourie
Third to fifth graders can follow a contemporary treasure hunter as he searches for 750 tons of Incan gold thought hidden from Spanish conquistadors in the Lllanganati mountains of Ecuador.
Boyds Mills Press, 1999. ISBN: 1-56397-983-7

Rocks and Minerals (DK/Google E.Guides)
by Steve Parker, illustrated by Rod Ferring
Aimed at ages 9-12, this book contains colorful, useful illustrations about the geologic processes involved in the formation of rocks and minerals. It details the history of mineral exploration and the use of minerals in ancient civilizations through modern times.
DK Children, 2005. ISBN: 0756611407

Rocks and Minerals (True Books: Earth Science)
by Anne O. Squire
This book for begins by exploring the rocks around us and then describes the formation of minerals. It includes material about geologic processes and the rock cycle. Grades 3-5.
Children¹s Press, 2002. ISBN: 0516269852

Middle and High School

Crystals and Crystal Growing
by Alan Holden and Phyllis Morrison
This book is an excellent source for learning about crystals and their formation. It suggests
crystal experiments using inexpensive and easy to obtain materials.
MIT Press, 1982. ISBN: 0262580500

Gold: From Greek Myth to Computer Chips
by Ruth Kasinger
This beautiful book introduces the use of gold objects in ancient civilizations from the Egyptians onward. It explores the mythology and magic of the quest for gold and described both gold formation and extraction. It has an excellent index for further exploration.
21st Century, 2003. ISBN: 0761321101