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Inca & Maya Book Crossword Puzzles for the Classroom

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Highlights Article "Inca Treasure in the Cloud Forest"


Keeping a Journal

Teachers Share Classroom Exercises


"Our goal is to develop a new 5th grade state report project, which blends research with adventure writing. Looking at the way we taught this unit last year, we found that the research portion of this project was very beneficial to the students. However, the writing portion was lacking in creativity and was very fairly unmotivating to the students. This proposed project would maintain the research portion, but would add creativity and excitement to the writing portion. We will also add a portion which will help students to identify similarities and differences between states and regions. "

student papers that came from this unit

David Somoza and Brett Adams

Francis L. Stevens Elementary School
Ballston Lake, NY




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"Photos From A Presentation."

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