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2006-2007 Putnam/Northern Westchester

Boces Arts in Education School Evaluations

The following responses were identical for each of these elementary schools

Katonah Elementary

Haldane Elementary

Bedford Hills Elementary

Todd Elementary

Increase Miller Elementary


1= Poor; 2= Fair; 3= Good; 4= Very Good; 5= Excellent

Student Response:                               5

Artistic Qualilty:                                    5

Educational Quality:                             5

Artistic Interaction with Students:     5

Technical Quality of Program:            5

Would you Recommend this Program:     Yes

Suggestions to Artist for Improvement:   None


From the 2006-2007 evaluations

"Another amazing assembly and workshops.  Incredible storyteller, unbelievable adventure photos of his adventures.  All who see his work are always thrilled."

Increase Miller Elementary, Somers, NY


"Peter Lourie has an animated style of telling stories including slides, videos, acting.  One of the best ."

Bedford Hills Elementary, Bedford Hills, NY


"He was engaging, funny, interesting.  The kids really enjoyed listening and seeing how many books came out of his adventures."

Katonah Elementary, Katonah, NY

"Mr. Lourie's book is required 4th grade reading. His assembly and workshop support goals for writers' workshops. It stresses writing about experiences.  He is very engaging.  A must for Hudson River Students."

Haldane Elementary School, Cold Spring, NY


Other Testimonials Mostly from Connecticut

One Massachusetts school Prepares & Evaluates


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