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Journey to Barrow, Alaska



Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA)


Aubrey Cavender, Adam Keil and Phil Tackett are all graduate students in the
chemistry department at Purdue University. They will be performing various
experiments in Barrow aimed at producing a better understanding of the
chemical interactions between the Arctic Ocean surface, the Arctic snowpack,
and the lower atmosphere in a region that many scientists consider to be
especially susceptible to the effects of global climate change.

Barrow project updates

Most recent photos of Barrow & the people working there

Aubrey and Adam will have a small laboratory set up southeast of the town of
Barrow. At this building there will be instruments set up to measure various
compounds from local air masses and those that blow in from over the Arctic
Ocean. Ocean air isn't likely to be tainted by emissions from Barrow, and
carries with it chemical evidence of its interaction with the ocean ice and
open water.

As a separate project, Phil and Aubrey will be flying a tethered balloon in
order to investigate the vertical extent of the influence of the snowpack on
the lower atmosphere. Various chemical compounds are emitted from the
snowpack when the sun shines, and these compounds rise through the atmosphere until they are removed by natural processes. How high these compounds rise before impacting air chemistry is yet unknown and is certainly of importance in understanding their role in Arctic atmospheric processes and, hence, Arctic and global climate change. Air samples will be taken at various altitudes from a sampler that was built to hang under the balloon. These samples will then be analyzed by Phil in lab space provided by BASC (Barrow Arctic Science