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here's a letter from a teacher (and fan) that just arrived by email, the kind of letter that all authors dream of getting, and that makes the hard work of writing worthwhile.... 

Thank you, Mac.  See you soon in Lake Placid,




Letter From A Fan


Hi Pete---Mac here. You may remember we met a few times when I invited you to speak at two schools in the late 90's/early 2000's. I owned a canoe tripping camp in Algonquin Park...ring any bells?


I wanted to tell you that, to get right to the point, reading "River of Mountains" changed my life! Kind of a long story, but in a nutshell:

I had never been to the Adirondacks, but had really enjoyed reading (and hearing) your story of your trip down the Hudson. At the time (late 90's) I thought that I would like to see Lake Tear of the Clouds sometime, but never really did anything about it. You know how sometimes we put things on the back burner and never quite get around to them.

Fast forward to 2009. My 4th grade daughter came home with a geography book and showed me a map of New York. She traced her finger down the length of the Hudson starting at Lake Tear. I decided, "It's time." So I dug out "River of Mountains," gleaned as much information as I could about where it was and how to get there, and off I went. Now, I had been canoe tripping my whole life, but backpacking...that's another story! With my grossly overloaded pack I slowly trudged my way from Upper Works, spent the night at Uphill lean-to, and the next day saw that little jewel of a lake for the first time. Magic. I was in awe. I climbed Marcy since I was right there anyway, and Skylight as well. I took lots of pictures and gave a presentation to my daughter's class. It was a cool experience, but I really had no intention of pursuing the other 44 High Peaks. I should have known myself better...

Over the past four years I kept coming back to climb, and fell in love with the area. My wife and I started thinking "We could live here someday"...then began asking ourselves, 'What are we waiting for?" She got a job at the hospital in Saranac Lake, and just about exactly one year ago we sold our house in Pawling and moved to Lake Placid full time. I continued to hike and climb, and on September 8th I became a 46er. Of course, there are still a ton of places I want to see (or see again), both by canoe and by foot, and we just love living here. That young daughter is now 13 and thriving in the middle school here in Lake Placid. It's an awesome place to live, with a strong athletic/outdoor vibe which we love.

So---I read your book, came to the Adirondacks, and am never leaving! Thanks!


PS: I am subbing in a 9th grade English class this coming Thursday and Friday. I am taking my copy of "River of Mountains" with me, and if we have time I'm going to tell them about how reading it helped to change the course of my life. I want to encourage them to read outside of just their assigned schoolwork. The power of reading!