Sounds of Rondonia, Brazil
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1. Radio Ribeiralta: We are listening to the radio of our pilot who is taking us up the Guapore River. These radio programs are the only form of news in remote section of the Amazon. And the people living way out there listen intently for news of their friends and loved ones.

2. Military parade in Costa marques, on the Bolivia/Brazil border.

3. The sound of hundreds of herons at the confluence of the Guapore and Mamore Rivers.

4. In the town of Guarjara-Mirim, along the Bolivia-Brazil border, a rubber tapper (seringuerio) sings a song about tapping rubber. He is singing this song on the boat of one of the seringalistas, a rubber baron who employs this man and hundreds of others to tap the rubber trees on the seringalista's land.

5. Seringalista Senor Miranda talking wiht his rubber tapper.

6. Another song of a woman named Isabel, singing a rubber tapping song that her brother Leandro has written, about being a rubber tapper. This was recorded in Guajara-Mirim in a small house.

7. Isabel singing another song her brother wrote.

8. Leandro, Isabel's brother, singing a song he wrote, without a guitar.

9. Leandro and Isabel sing together.

10. Macurap Indians singing on the Guapore river. "I'm going to talk to my grandson said the grandfather alligator."

11. On a large gold mining area called Tamborete, a gold miner, garimpeira, sings "Mancha do ouro," a song he has written about being a gold miner. He is playing a guitar around a fire at night after spending all day diving off a crude raft for gold.

12. Sounds of the Tamborete, a huge gold mining area on the Madeira River. This sound is the motor of the machine that sucks the gold through a large tube up off the bottom of the river where the diver is working. The gold comes up to the raft, mixed with sand, and is filtered on the raft.

13. In the gold mining area of Tamborete on the Madeira River, in a bar, with many gold miners, this record is playing on the record player as the gold miners drink their drinks.

14. Sounds of the cicadas winding up in the jungle, midday.

15. Sound of the Devil's Railroad, the restored Madeira Mamore Railway engine and cars travelling twenty miles of the restored track. The Devil's Railroad was built to get rubber out of Bolivia and down river into Brazil and to the market. The Railroad was lying unused in the jungle for decades. We took a ride on the old steam engine on the few miles of track that has been restored.

16. On the boat, Caldeirao do Inferno, a rapid on the Madeira River. These "taxis" take miners through the rapids to the gold mining areas. Very dangerous to run some of these rapids, but they know exactly where to navigate through the big rocks.

17. Frogs on the Poca Nova River. When we pulled over to tie up at night, we heard the river frogs. Bull frogs. We put our mosquito netting on so we wouldn't be bitten by the insects.