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Leonardo López Luján


Leonardo López Luján, Senior Researcher and Professor of Archaeology at Museo del Templo Mayor, Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia, is the author of many articles and several books on the archaeology of Central Mexico.


Leonardo has published a number of books with his father Alfredo López Austin


Mexico's Indigenous Past 

The University of Oklahoma Press or at Amazon.com

This illustrated book offers a panoramic view of ancient Mexico, beginning more than thirty thousand years ago and ending with European occupation in the sixteenth century. Drawing on archaeological and ethnohistorical sources, the book is one of the first to offer a unified vision of Mexico's precolonial past.


The Offerings Of The Templo Mayor of Tenochtitlan


Between 1325 and 1521, the Mexica people of the Aztec capital ritually buried hundreds of offerings to their gods in the depths of the Templo Mayor of Tenochtitlan, where for more than five hundred years these gifts lay undiscovered. In complex religious ceremonies, sacred messages to the gods were expressed not only through these objects but through their exact and symbolic placement as well.

In this revised edition of The Offerings of the Templo Mayor of Tenochtitlan, Leonardo López Luján shares and synthesizes the spectacular findings of the historic Templo Mayor Project, which took place in the heart of Mexico City from 1978 to 1997. Archaeologists found an astonishing array of items including masks, jewelry, skeletal remains of jaguars and alligators, statues of gods, precious stones, human remains, and countless objects from the oceans. López Luján’s aim was to decipher the offerings’ religious significance and explain the profound associations between the unearthed materials and ritual behavior. In doing so he relied on diverse data and several analytical techniques to determine such things as the exact date when the offerings were buried, the gods to whom they were dedicated, the festivals in which the gifts were made, and the meanings of the materials and their spatial distribution.

The first edition of The Offerings of the Templo Mayor at Tenochtitlan was named "Outstanding Academic Book" by Choice and received the Eugene M. Kayden Humanities Award.


Leonardo Lujan began new excavations at the Templo Mayor in the fall of 2004. 





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