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The Lost World of the
Exploring the Mysteries of Chaco Canyon

By Peter Lourie


More than a thousand years ago, a people known as the Anasazi lived in the North American Southwest.  They produced pottery, baskets, and cloth, and engaged in trade. They were master builders and erected magnificent structures.  Then in the last half of the thirteenth century, something mysterious happened. The Anasazi walked away from their world and vanished into history. But why?

One place to look for clues is in northwestern New Mexico, among the ruins of Chaco Canyon. The discovery of a network of roads leading to the canyon have led some archaeologists to believe that this may have been the very center of the Anasazi universe. But what drew them to this hot, dry canyon?


"The author's enthusiasm gives this handsome travelogue an inviting immediacy; readers will go away with a clear sense of how little is known, and how much remains to be discovered, about this mysterious civilization."

Kirkus Reviews


" Gorgeous full-color photographs of the many ruins found in Chaco Canyon in northwestern New Mexico enhance this book, which details Lourie's personal journey to this sacred site.  In the clear, interesting text, the author describes the stone buildings and relates information gleaned from his guide, Gwinn Vivian, a local archaeologist.  Lourie has taken care to relate what is known about the structures and the people who built them and to point out that much about this culture remains a mystery."

School Library Journal 


Peter Lourie takes us on a journey to the land of the ancient Pueblos. With veteran archaeologist Gwinn Vivian as his guide, Lourie travels the desert Southwest and finds a land as mysterious as the Anasazi themselves.